Welcome to the 2024 BACARDI CUP

The Bacardi Cup history started back in 1927 with the Bacardi family hosting a regatta on the then all new Star boats right in front of their factory in La Havana, Cuba. The challenge for victory has been tough ever since that first edition, when back then featured the best sailors from North America coming to win the trophy. The race for glory has evolved massively, and since 1962 Miami has hosted the Bacardi Cup on Biscayne Bay, attracting the sport’s big names from around the world. The relationship between the Bacardi Cup and International Star Class Yacht Racing Association (ISCRYA) is bound tight, and is marked by an annual Class Board Meeting in Miami.

The tradition of camaraderie and high level competition are embedded in the Bacardi Cup, guaranteeing the world’s top sailors want to compete and fans want to watch the race track intrigue unfold.

Bringing their unique style to the event, the venerable Bacardi Rum brand and the Bacardi family, who have been active patrons since the inaugural Bacardi Cup was presented in 1927, will continue their active partnership in 2024. The Bacardi Cup is now part of a larger format known as the Bacardi Cup Invitational Regatta, which incorporates many classes alongside the Star, including the J70, Melges 24, Viper 640, VX1 and Snipe Classes.. They don’t compete to win the Bacardi Cup, that is a Star prerogative, but they have their own Class titles and prizes and get to join a fantastic week of racing and fun at Coral Reef Yacht Club in Miami.

The 97th edition of the 2024 Bacardi Cup will take place between Coral Reef yacht club, Biscayne Bay yacht club, Shake a leg Miami and the United States sailing center from March 3-9, 2024

The event is dedicated to Tito Bacardi and his memory will be honored in several ways by the participants, the sailing community and the Bacardi family.